Gregg & Kristi Quadri

“My wife and I cannot say enough GOOD THINGS about this organization and especially, Kristi. She kept us updated thru the entire process, always got right back to us, and was genuinely doing what she loved, that is taking care of these wonderful precious dogs. Our dog, Mick, was a 6mo puppy when he became a part of our family, and he is the most loving and sweet puppy we’ve ever had in the family. I attribute much of this to the great treatment and love Kristi, and FurFriends4Life, provide to these loyal, precious, and loving dogs. God Bless you all and Thanks again!”

Jenny K

“We wanted to bring another sweet dog into our family. I looked and looked. Had many almost matches. We drive from San Luis Obispo to meet little Jackson in Bakersfield. We met several cute pups that day but Jackson captured our hearts. He has been a joy and a blessing. We had a great experience with fur friends for life and would adopt again through this. “