MEET Sweet pea

Seeking a Furever Foster! Sweet Pea was found in the middle of the street and was never claimed, she is a senior gal (about 13). She came to us with a pretty persistent cough. After a vet visit, lots of tests, and a pretty hefty vet bill, it was discovered that Sweet Pea has congestive heart failure. Her heart is so enlarged that it is squeezing her trachea which causes her to cough. She is on 3 different medications and will continue to be for the rest of her life. Sweet Pea needs a quiet place with lots of love live out the rest of her days/years. If you are at all interested in providing that please contact us.  We will happily answer any questions/concerns and explain what exactly being a forever foster entails.


We believe Brindy to be about a year old chihuahua mix and weighs 7lbs.
She is one of our dogs who needs a little more extra care. She is special needs and will continue to be on seizure medication for the rest of her life.
Brindy’s brain doesn’t function the same as other dogs.
She loves to play with other small dogs. She hasn’t really
connected/bonded with a human but, she is a sweet girl. Brindy will need someone who has the time and patience for her.
We are looking for a foster to adopt, or a long term foster (located in Bakersfield, CA).
She needs someone who will be understanding and patient with her condition.
If you already have a small dog who needs a playmate this will be a plus for Brindy.
If you might be a right fit for Brindy please fill out a foster application.